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Chicagotribune: "Great Americans Community service is at the core of our country's national characte"

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Youth.gov: "Benefits for Youth, Families, & Communities"

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Important events in Fairfax County for the whole family

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Important information about events in Fairfax County for the whole family

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Kulanka Maayar ku xigeenka Caasimada Hargeysa iyo Madaxda Magaalada Bristol

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Maayar ku Xigeenka Caasimada Somaliland Xildhibaan Cabdicasiis Cagoweyne oo uu Weheliyo Safiirka Wareega ee Somaliland Amb. Kaysar Cabdilaahi Maxamed iyo xubno ka tirsan hormuudka Jaaliyada magaalada Bristol ayaa maanta la kulmay Madaxda Golaha Deegaanka ee Magaalada Bristol oo uu Hor kacayay Mayor…

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About Us

Somaliland community of Greater Washington DC Metro is a community organization, which is initiated by concerned professional volunteers who intend to serve their community. It consists of the different age groups of the Somaliland community and is guided by the principles of equality, participation, dialogue, and respect. It intends to serve those who most in need of assistance and support such as elders, parents, children and young people.